The Illinois Safe Schools Alliance is outraged and saddened by the death of Laquan McDonald. We express our condolences to his family and to all those who have experienced police violence. The Alliance works with young people across intersecting identities who are often the target of violence in their schools and communities. We join the voices speaking out against this senseless violence, the lack of accountability, and the need for systemic reform of these systems that continue to oppress Black youth and other youth of color.

The Alliance sincerely thanks all its supporters and allies, including our sponsors, organizational and individual funders, other donors, our youth, and our board for helping make the inaugural Homecoming a huge success!

The Illinois Safe Schools Alliance (the Alliance) announces the appointment of four new members to its Board of Directors— Antonio Hernandez, Rebecca Kling, Jahaan Abdullah, and Troy Williams, Culinary Arts Coordinator at the Center on Halsted. As of July, Casey Horton has assumed the role of Board Chair, and was preceded by Jeff Edwards, who remains on the board as immediate past chair. 

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Convening young people from all over the state, the Alliance creates a forum for students to inform, participate in and lead the Illinois LGBTQ safe schools movement.

Providing public education on sexual orientation and gender identity topics across the state of Illinois, the Alliance’s “Safety for All” framework addresses sexual orientation and gender identity

Recognizing the importance of inclusive policies within educational entities and human rights agencies, the Alliance works on policy advocacy initiatives with schools, school districts and governme

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On Sunday, October 5, the Illinois Safe Schools Alliance (the Allia