On October 9th, the Illinois Safe Schools Alliance and our wonderful community partners are cultivating a day-long gathering of students, parents, PreK-12 teachers and administrators, lawyers, healthcare professionals, and advocates to share skills and clarify shared goals for the work of the safe schools movement in the months and years ahead.

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Clinton Rosette Middle School GSA

Listen to Clinton Rosette Middle School, DeKalb, IL's Gay/ Straight Alliance (GSA) members and advisor describe their Alliance journey. This GSA won the Alliance's "Ally of the Year" award in 2013 due to their dedicated efforts to educate, engage with, and support LGBTQ and allied students in their school. The Alliance is proud to host over 180 such GSA's all over the state. Clinton Rosette's dedication to create and foster safe learning spaces and opportunities for dialogue made their school a more welcoming space. Now, it's your turn!


Convening young people from all over the state, the Alliance creates a forum for students to inform, participate in and lead the Illinois LGBTQ safe schools movement.

Providing public education on sexual orientation and gender identity topics across the state of Illinois, the Alliance’s “Safety for All” framework addresses sexual orientation and gender identit

Recognizing the importance of inclusive policies within educational entities and human rights agencies, the Alliance works on policy advocacy initiatives with schools, school districts and governme

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Oct 10, 2016

More than 27% of students in Illinois Pre-K-12 schools are in a gender inclusive environment with clear policies, procedures, and practices that ensure access to education in accordance with gender identity. 

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Alliance youth leaders reflect to their 40-year-old selves about al