Safe Schools Symposium 2017 Workshops

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Designing with and for Youth: Improving Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare with Human-centered Design
Laura Paradis
Mary Foyder, She/Her/Hers; Senior Design Lead
Amanda Geppert, She/Her/Hers; Director, Ci3 Design Thinking Lab at the University of Chicago
Geared Towards: Health Care Providers & Youth
Description: Too often, healthcare services are designed without consideration for, or understanding of, the lived experiences and desires of young people. As a result, young people do not receive the care they might want or need. In this highly interactive workshop, participants will learn and practice approaches to engage each other in building positive sexual and reproductive healthcare experiences with and for young people. We’ll share stories, listen deeply, and incorporate what we learn into novel ideas around the systems and structures to support adolescent-centered care.
Youth-Centered Lawyering
Owen Daniel-McCarter, Esq.
Candace Moore, Esq.
Geared Towards: Attorneys
Description: This professional development workshop will unpack ways that adultism is engrained in the legal system. From advocating for a transgender inclusion policy at the school board level to defending a student at an expulsion hearing, how do we - as legal advocates - center the youth we are advocating for, share information we hold with young folks, and maintain a trauma-informed lens? This workshop will support participants with concrete practice skills to shift power dynamics when working with youth. 
Facilitation Style: Co-Facilitated Presentation using both Popular Education (Pop Ed) and Traditional Presentation techniques.
Making Health Care Youth-Accessible
Carolyn Wahlskog, She/Her/Hers; Community Education + Gender Programming Manager at Youth Outlook, Senior Program Manager at 360 Youth Services' LGBTQ Transitional Housing Program
Femmily Robison
Geared Towards: Health Care Providers & Youth
Description: This workshop will outline the myriad of obstacles young people face when trying to access supportive, affirming health care. Led by two advocates who focus on connecting youth with affirming care, the workshop will then turn to a discussion of how providers can counteract adultism in access to care and support exploration of options.
Facilitation Style: TBD
Regional Youth-Centered Parent Advocacy Panel
Phyllis Gallisath
Jenny Cowgill
Tara Bell
Geared Towards: Parents, Adult Allies & Youth
Description:  This workshop will begin with a discussion what it means to be truly youth-centered and ways in which folks can put that ideal into practice. Each facilitator will then discuss their experience of being a parent advocate alongside their child, in less well - resourced areas of the state. They will share their unique perspective around developing community and resources for LGBTQ+ youth, while listening to their child and centering their needs and vision. This workshop will end with time for audience questions.
Facilitation Style: Panel + Q & A
Meeting Students Where They're At: Youth-Centered Pedagogy
Aj jennings, they/them, M. Ed
Karen Krausen-Ferrer
Geared Towards: Teachers, School Administrators & Youth
Description: From the perspective of two classroom teachers, this workshop will explore how teachers and school administrators can create spaces that are youth-centered and more conducive to learning and growth. They will set a framework for this conversation by discussing what adultism is and how it is manifested in school settings. By speaking to their experiences working to center young folks in school spaces and making time for questions and discussion throughout, attendees will leave with an understanding of the ways in which schools are adultist spaces, why it is important to center youth in those spaces, and some tangible tips to achieve that.
Facilitation Style: Co-Facilitation Style + Q&A
Youth Activism Plenary
Geared Towards: All
Description:  Panelists will discuss their activism and community engagement, the challenges they face in accomplishing that work, and the wisdom they have learned in persevering through it that they would like to share with the audience.
Facilitation Style: Moderated Panel
Legislative Advocacy Plenary
Geared Towards: All
This panel will include folks who have experience working on law and policy, especially as it pertains to students' rights in public schools across the state of Illinois. They will consider questions about the future of IL public schools, how trans inclusion in schools can be secured, how to advocate for legislative changes, and more.
Facilitation Style: Moderated Panel
Know Your Rights In School
Jamie Curtis, They/Them, Illinois Safe Schools Alliance Youth Committee
Nathan Petitehomme, He/Him/H
is, Illinois Safe Schools Alliance Youth Committee Member
Geared Towards: Law & Policy, Youth, Teachers & School Administrators
Description: This workshop will focus on the Constitutional rights students are guaranteed, as it pertains to school settings. This conversation will be framed by first conducting a basic civics lesson, then delving into a more specific and nuanced conversation about how folks' Constitutional rights apply in schools.
Facilitation Style: TBD
Queer Sex Ed
Searah Deysach
Geared Towards: Youth Only
Description:  Searah will lead young folks in a presentation on queer sex education, including a discussion of safe sex practices, healthy relationships, consent and more.
Facilitation: Traditional Presentation Style + Q&A
Erasure of LGBTQ+ Folks In High School History
John D'emilio, He/Him/His; Professor Emeritus, UIC
Jerome Pohlen
Geared Towards: Youth, Teachers & School Administrators
Description: This workshop will look at the way in which high school history curriculum teaches (and more often, fails to teach) students about LGBTQ+ history, and notable LGBTQ+ folks throughout history. That discussion of looking at high school history curriculum through a critical lens will be balanced with a presentation of LGBTQ+ history that is often left out of that curriculum.
Facilitation: Traditional Presentation Style + Q&A + Activity
Building Gender Inclusive School Guidelines:
Rodrigo Anzures-Oyorzabal
Heidi Truax, She/Her/Hers, School Counselor/PhD Candidate/Radical Queer
Vice President Deanna Durica, Berwyn South School District 100 
Superintendent Julie Morris, Harlem District 122 
Marcus Campbell, Evanston Township High School 
Geared Towards: Teachers & School Administrators and Law & Policy
Description: This workshop will be led by folks with a range of experiences working in public schools. From the perspective of a school superintendent to that of a school counselor, this workshop will provide attendees a wide array of insights on the process of drafting, passing, and implementing inclusive policies in school settings.
Facilitation: Moderated Panel
Building Safer Schools In Southern & Central IllinoisFacilitators:
Jordee Yanez
Kellen Carter
Len Meyer, They/Their/Them; Founder & Executive Director of Central Illinois Pride
Hannah Bangs
Geared Towards: Teachers & School Administrators, Youth, Parents & Adult Allies, Law & Policy, Health Care Professionals [Centered on folks in Southern/Central IL
Description:  This workshop will begin by discussing what resources currently exist in Southern & Central IL. It will then turn to a discussion of what resources folks would like to have access to, and discuss a path to seeking out or developing those resources. This workshop will end with the conduction of a youth Needs Assessment survey on behalf of the Illinois Safe Schools Alliance, the results of which will be used to guide the ISSA as the organization builds out resources into Central & Southern IL.
Facilitation: Moderated Panel + Audience Discussion
The Legal Landscape: The Paths Toward Inclusion
Alex McCray
Juliet Berger-White
Nicki Bazer
Geared Towards: Youth, Attorneys, Teachers and Administrators
The workshop facilitators for this session have a diverse range of experiences in advocating for inclusive policies in public schools. This workshop will delve into each of those areas of expertise with a discussion of the current legal landscape in schools, steps for advocacy within the school environment, and discussing Alex's personal experience with this.
Facilitation: Traditional Presentation Style
Advocating for Queer-Inclusive Sex Ed In Schools
Scout Bratt, They, Them, Theirs, Chicago Women's Health Center, Outreach & Education Director
E Marshall
Jennifer Leininger, She/Her, M.Ed. Program Manager, Gender Program at Lurie Children's Hospital
Zaiden Sowle, She/Her/Hers
Geared Towards: Youth, Teachers & School Administrators, Health Care Professionals, Parents & Adult Allies
Description: During this workshop, attendees will hear from facilitators who have experience in actively advocating for queer inclusive sex ed. This discussion will consider why medical accuracy, inclusivity, body positivity, and autonomy over one's body are essential components of a sexual health education. It will balance that discussion with a framework for approaching school administrators about creating an inclusive curriculum around sexual health.
Facilitation: Traditional Presentation Style + Panel + Q&A

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